The “fc business” is made up of a group of professionals operating in the Eastern European area in the precious metals sector.

Over the course of several years they have acquired an important experience in the field of purchases, with the aim of recovering old-fashioned used gold and silver to be merged, using a dense network of collaborators, ensuring immediate valuations on metals, returning reliable values and in line with the respective world prices, in a timely and correct manner.

It has the collaboration of operative offices where work is carried out and a commercial network indispensable for the purchase and sale of metals.

It uses cutting-edge techniques to operate at the service of companies and individuals in the purchase and sale of gold, silver, and all precious metals, in the form of ingots, coins, tokens, scrap and processing waste.

The “fc business” pays great attention to meeting the needs of companies and individuals in the commercial sector, guaranteeing a weekly and / or monthly service based on work requirements.